Fees & Rules


Each child needs to provide a bag containing spare clothing, wellington boots (if walking), a supply of nappies and wipes, an undersheet for the cot, a comforter and a cup. Pull ups are only encouraged if training is taking place. All items must be clearly named and brought to each session.

Parents must park with due consideration for the neighbours and grass verges. Failure to comply with these terms could involve dismissal. Parents are requested to drop off and pick up as quickly as possible as this avoids causing unnecessary congestion in the road.

If children are unwell or contagious then they are not permitted to attend the group. The reason for this is two fold:-

1. Unwell children want to be at home, not playing with others.

2. It is our responsibility to ensure that any illness found in the group, is contained immediately.


Rates: £8.00/hour during the hours of 7.30 – 6.00pm. Outside these hours double pay will be charged, as will lateness.

You will be charged for 48 weeks of the year which is divided by 12 months to give you a monthly average.  Childcare vouchers are welcomed and we are signed up with most providers.Fees include a homemade lunch for children children over a year (under a year you must provide your own kosher or vegetarian lunch), mid morning snack, fruit afternoon snack and unlimited drinks of water throughout the day.  If you wish for your child to have breakfast and supper with us, then this must be provided by yourselves.  We provide full fat milk. If you are providing supper then we request that it is vegetarian or kosher.

The childminder will usually close for a minimum of  two weeks and therefore these days  are calculated as part of the four weeks that you do not pay for. One week is often taken between Christmas and New Year and if this is the case then a further 5 days will be counted. 

 If for any reason the group does not close over the above mentioned periods then the four weeks (or pro rata – depending how many sessions you attend) that you are not charged for can be taken at any time.

There is no refund if:
Your child is sick, we have to close the group to protect the children, in cases like Swine Flu, on holiday or collected early.
For bank holidays that fall on days your child would normally attend.
If you need to provide your own food.

Fees will be reviewed on the 1st of January


We open for the breakfast club from 07.30 and continue through the day until 6.00p.m.