Some of our testimonials

How do you thank someone enough for basically bringing up their child? It’s more than I can say in an email. It’s been brilliant. Absolutely perfect. He’s developed from a little baby who couldn’t do anything to a happy little bundle of talkative fun.

I visited Rexton this morning for the first time and that’s when it really hit me that we won’t be driving (or cycling) up Theobold 3 days a week to your lovely house. It’s really sad. Rexton feels like a little primary school rather than a cosy house with family, which is what your place has become for Tom and for us.

But we promise to come visit very soon and maybe even bring round the odd basket of laundry!

With love and unlimited thanks and appreciation.


PS. I may even have to give in to Isla’s demands and have another sprog just so we can pack em off to your place!

I have been at Jollytots now for a year a half. I love the time I spend there and in fact I have to be dragged away at times! In the mornings I sing songs and paint and draw and then I play outside a lot with all the trikes, toy houses and my favourite… the footballs! If you come to Jollytots you will be a very, very happy little person!

Joshi Long (23 months old)

Shona has been attending Jolly Tots for one and a half years and she has made Jollytots her second home. Jollytots provides a safe and loving environment where Shona gets plenty of cuddles and the discipline I feel a developing child needs. Close family and friends have been very impressed by her good manners and confidence. She has learnt essential social skills which will benefit her in her future school years. I can go to work with the knowledge that my daughter is in very capable hands and having lots of fun.

Natalie Adam – Senior Regulatory Executive