What questions to ask when visiting a nursery?

What is the best group for my child?

All parents want the best for their children. When looking around prospective playgroups, we suggest that you use the following check list:-

What to look for when meeting a prospective childminding setting for the first time:

•The childminder and staff are friendly and approachable? How many children are in their
care? What is adult/child ratio?  What are the children’s ages?   Are they First Aid trained? What qualifications do the staff have? What is staff turnover?

•Other parents Talk to other parents who entrust their children to her care. Are
they satisfied with the level of service she provides?

•Safety Stairs, fires, electrical appliances, open windows and easily opened doors
that lead onto the street can be hazardous.

•Cleanliness Make sure you see the rooms to be used by the children. Beware of
over- tidy areas, as a child must be given the freedom to play without worrying
about knocking over an ornament.


•Play area.   How many rooms are solely for the children’s use. Are they a reasonable
size or small and cramped?  Are they suitably equiped with child size equipment

•Garden Is there a suitable play area ? Check that the fence and
gate are secure and that strangers can’t gain access to the area in other ways.
Watch out for poisonous plants and remember that even small, ornamental ponds
can be dangerous. Do they go out all year?

•Stimulating activities!  Are the children encouraged to get messy? What other
activities are on offer? Do the children look like they are having a good time?

•Toys and books What types are available and are there enough toys to be shared
by all the children? Are they in good condition? Do they change over the resources?

•Pets Are there any? Are they allowed to wander freely and without supervision? Could they pose a threat? Is your child allergic to pet hair?

What are the sleeping arrangements? Do you agree with them?

What are the food arrangements? Do you agree with them?

  • What are the fees?

Do you pay for holidays?

When is the group closed? Do you pay for that?

What hours are they open?

What is sickness policy?

what is settling in policy?

Do you agree with their policies?

Are you happy with how they communicate with you?