We have an extensive amount of policies, and strongly urge you to read these before committing yourself, to ensure that you are agreement with them.


Jollytots aims to help children build a foundation of security and stability, whilst playing in a caring and creative environment. Each child will be given individual attention because of the high ratio of adults to children (1 adult – 3 children – this is a legal requirement).

Jollytots accepts children from birth to 10 years. We are proud to welcome children from all ethnic backgrounds and we encourage parents to get involved with sharing their cultural differences.

We have an open-door policy. Parents are welcome to come along and visit their children at any time as long as it does not affect/upset any of the other children in the group.

Jollytots believes that parents play a very large part in the success of their child’s development and therefore encourages a working partnership. This includes discussing any problems that they may have with the leaders concerned. Should a satisfactory solution not be reached, then all parents are welcome to contact either Michelle on 0208 953 4111 or Ofsted direct.

Jollytots believes that:-

  • All children are unique and should be treated accordingly.
  • That a child’s first educational experience is a lasting one.
  • That from a happy background, success grows.


This would be a typical session for the older children. Babies have individual routines which slot into the daily routine.

7.30 – 8.30am Breakfast club
8.30am – 10.00am Free play time and theme activity time; e.g. mucky play,imaginative play, creative and physical play for which ends in a tidy up time
10.00am  Toilet time and nappy changing
10.15am  Singing session with name cards and lots of props                                               10.30am Hand washing time and then snack time                                                                 11.00am Outdoor play, babies who cannot move freely go out in their buggies or on play mats
11.45.00am Lunch time
12.30pm Sleep time
2.30pm Nappy and Toilet time
2.45pm Snack Time
3.00pm Each day this can differ but likely to include – Outdoor/ Free Play as per individual child’s request as the children start to go home.
4.45pm Supper Time

Children go home anytime up to 6.00pm


We encourage all parents to bring in their own freshly cooked food during the weaning process as we feel that this is safest for the babies as they will be more used to parents home cooked food. If this is a problem then please discuss and we will provide food for you.  Unfortunately it a sign of the times, that many of our children unfortunately have allergies.  Please discuss what your needs are when you first come and visit us.  We adhere to a strictly “NO NUTS” policy and have children with diary, soya and nut allergies in the group at present.

TYPICAL WEEK’S LUNCH for post weaned babies

  • Monday Cheesy Pasta served with Brocolli and Carrots followed by Fruit Salad
  • Tuesday Salmon, Sweet Potato and peas, followed by Fruit
  • Wednesday Shepherds Pie followed by Fruit
  • Thursday Roast Chicken, Rice, Carrots and Beans followed by Fruit
  • Friday Risotto followed by Fruit

We offer a hot cooked lunch. If your child is due to enrol in an afternoon session then we ask you to feed them at home unless we are collecting them from nursery school and then we will feed them.  All meat served is kosher and never mixed with milk in order to cater for our Jewish and Asian clients. If you have any other dietery requirement then please speak to us as we will happily fulfil this also.

Supper:- Parents provide their own supper.

Water is available in individually allocated beakers throughout the day.
Milk bottles are given at set times according to the individual child’s needs.