As you can see, Jolly Tots follows a routine, in order for the older children to get used to things happening at certain times. This is an invaluable tool for them to learn, before going onto nursery. This is a very loose structure and if the children are enjoying themselves doing something, then we would only break for meals. The babies, bring in their own routine and we follow this according to the parents wishes. This includes meal times and sleep times.

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  • 7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast club.

    Parents bring in their own breakfasts and we provide additional toast and milk

  • 8:30am - 10am Free play time and theme activity.

    During this period, the children have many opportunities to explore the vast majority of resources in the room, including mucky play, music, reading, arts and crafts, physical play. • The children end this session with a tidy up time.

  • 10am Toilet time and nappy changing
  • 10:15am-10.30am Singing Session

    A lively singing session, with lots of props and puppets.

  • 10:30am Snacks

    After washin our hands, we feed the children a healthy snac which includes fruit, water and milk.

  • 11am Outdoor play,

    This takes place regardless of the weather as there is an undercover area. Babies are placed on kick out mats.

  • 11.45am Story time
  • 12:00pm Lunch time

    A hot cooked lunch is prepared on site and provided to all children. Children under a year are asked to provide their own lunches which need to be kosher or vegetarian please.

  • 12.30pm Nap time

    Nap time for older children who do not sleep in the morning. Don’t worry if you're child has their own sleep schedule. During your settling in session we will write down your sleep routine and make sure your baby is put to sleep at the times you would like them to/that they need to go down. We find that most children eventually end up sleeping after lunch.

  • 2:30pm Nappy time
  • 2.45pm Snack time
  • 3.00pm Varies

    Each day this can differ but likely to include - Activity/circle time Outdoor/ Free Play as per individual child’s request as the children start to go home.

  • 4.45pm Dinner Time

    A hot cooked meal can be provided by the group for an additional £1.50 per day.