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    Jollytots has been established for over 30 years.



Preparing your children to go back to their childminder

I’ve been in close contact with most of my parents throughout lockdown and have to say, I have an awesome bunch of parents t...Read More


Recording Lockdown memories

So in the middle of our lockdown, we were suddenly reminded that 75 years ago the Second World War ended and people were celebrati...Read More


How do I go about finding childcare in September 2020, during the lockdown period?

Finding a childminder during lockdown is going to be slightly more challenging but not impossible. All Childminders are eagerly wa...Read More


First week back, but what about the sharing?

We have had an absolutely awesome first week back and most of the worrying was uncalled for. To see all our little people&rsquo...Read More


Choosing the right type of childcare

Slowly our worlds are starting to get back to normal, well a new normal.  What  does that mean for Mothers who are comin...Read More


Drink on tap

During this amazing summer, one thing that Jolly Tots has been very hot on, is making sure that all our babies/children are gettin...Read More


Get it TOGether for the Winter

Parents often ask me when they should change their baby’s summer grow bag for a warmer one. Here you will see a chart tha...Read More


Teaching children to hand wash after going to the toilet is a project within itself!

One of two things happen:- Either they don’t want to stop the water flowing and the soap pumping and before you know it t...Read More

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