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Recording Lockdown memories

So in the middle of our lockdown, we were suddenly reminded that 75 years ago the Second World War ended and people were celebrating VE day. In the midst of the lockdown rules, people somehow managed in certain streets, to open their front doors and have tea and scones on their front lawn in celebration of our victory.

How will you recall in years to come, this period in history?

It would be really lovely if you could build a scrapbook on all the lovely memories and challenges that lockdown brought to your family.

Maybe add some pictures to it, with all the walks that you have taken, Stick in a certain letters that have come through your door, including the one from Boris Johnson.

Add some newspaper cut outs, showing what the news said at this particular time.

Add hand and foot prints to show the size of your children.

List favourite foods and toys that got you through.

Which television programme kept you and your children sane?

Enjoy making special memories.