From your home to ours. 

Where they play

The Children treat Jolly Tots as their second home! Part of our garden is under cover which allows us the luxury of being under cover throughout the year. The garden is well stocked and much of our day during the warmer month is spent outside. The children play in a large playroom, which is a bright and airy and has an abundance of resources that are changed around weekly. All resources are low down, to encourage the children to make their own choices. The children are seen moving freely around the room, using the space to engage, learn and develop. The children also play in our well stocked garden all year, and during the warmer weather many of the activities are done outside. We call this free flow, meaning children can choose where to play inside or out. We are fortunate enough to have an undercover awning, which means the children never need to get wet when outside. We also use the kitchen for really messy play and for fruit preparation that the children help with. The children treat Jolly Tots as their home.

  • The garden is well stocked and covers all seven areas of learning.
  • The resources are changed weekly and are stored in a big outhouse which the children are encouraged to go into to make their own choices.
  • Children are taught how to prepare their own snacks with real utensils.

Where they eat

Meal times are a social occasion where the children are encouraged to make their own food choices and use plastic utensils where possible. The kitchen has several highchairs and low tables and chairs, depending on the child’s needs. Most children start off in a highchair and then progress onto the table and chairs.

  • Freshly cooked meals
  • Attention to allergies and diet requirements
  • Large kitchen space
  • Children under one / still weaning required to bring in own food.

Where they sleep

We are very fortunate to be able to provide individual full size cots for each child. As part of our extended care plan we make sure that all new starters in their own bedroom. As they progress and are nearing their exit from Jollytots we begin to prepare them for life in nursery by doubling them up (only two max in a room) to prepare them for life in a nursery by having up to three in a room. This we believe supports their transition to co sleeping in a bigger setting. Each child is asked to bring their own bedding so that they are surrounded by familiar and comforting smells.

  • Full sized cots
  • 2 Per Bedroom Max
  • • Respectful of pre-set nap routines

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