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How do I go about finding childcare in September 2020, during the lockdown period?

Finding a childminder during lockdown is going to be slightly more challenging but not impossible. All Childminders are eagerly waiting behind their front doors, to safely welcome all their children back into the group and will be delighted to communicate with new parents.

1. Do you have any idea of who you would like to visit Yes/No

2. If No, then go on social media within your area and on Babies sites on facebook and ask for recommendations. If yes go to 3.

3. Phone the childminders and ask all the questions that you may have (suggested questions are on our web).

4. Once you have phoned all childminders make a short list and recontact them. Ask them to do a zoom meeting with you.

5. Ask them how they propose to invite you in for a settling in session and what will happen thereafter if you chose their setting.

6. Keep in contact with them until you are ready to visit.